The studio is Equipped with an AVID C/24 digital desk, an AVID HD I/O and Lynx Aurora set up providing you with 32 inputs and 48 Outputs. There is 10 outboard mic pre amps and the C/24 has 16 Built in to desk, all routed through the patch bay to the Audio workstations to an Apple Mac Mini M2 high powered computer, with 2 sets of monitors to choose from.

The live room space is roughly 30m Squared and can fit a band well. The vocal booth is situated behind the live room with a clear view of the live room and control room through soundproof glass.

Equipment List:

Furman Power Protection x2 

ProTools HDX 

Avid 8x8x8x interface Lynx Aurora 16 Interface 


Avid C24 with 16 Built in Pre Amps


Adam A7X, Yamaha HS7


AKG C414 XLS (matched pair)                                                                                                                                                                         Shure SM 57’s x 3  
Shure SM Beta 58’s x2  
Shure Beta 52  

Studio Projects Condenser Pair

Rode NT 2A x 2

Mojave MA-200 Vacuum Tube Capacitor Mic

Audio D6 


API- 500V - 500 series rack  
Classic Audio VP28 preamps x6                                                                                                                                                          Electrodyne 501 preamps x2  
Quad 8 CL22 Vintage compressors x2                                                                                                                                                              Toft Audio Designs DC-2 Compressors x 2                                                                                                                                        Electrodyne 511 Equalisers x2

Neve Portico 5012 Duo Mic pre amp